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Equine Services

Horses require medical care just like any other animal.  From preventative care, like vaccinations and deworming, to treatment for injuries and illnesses our doctors can take care of your horse's health care needs whether it's on the farm or at the Rockville Large Animal Clinic.

All three of our clinics provide on farm diagnosis and treatment for horses.  Our doctors have fully stocked trucks so they can come to your farm to aid in treatment of your animals.  We also offer on farm product dispensing.  Our doctors can dispense medications and products off their trucks.  Just call in your order before your appointment and our doctors can bring the order to your farm.

The Rockville Large Animal Clinic offers services to clients who prefer to haul their animals in for treatment.  Appointments are available during business hours; contact us for details.  We also have a doctor on-call to offer emergency services outside of regular business hours.

Preventative Medicine
Dental Care
De-worming Programs & Parasite Control
Physical Exams
Nutritional Counseling

Diagnostic & Therapeutic Services
General Medical Care
In-house Radiographic Service (X-rays)*
Laboratory Testing
Portable Ultrasound*

Elective Surgeries
Castration (on farm or in clinic)*
Cryptorchid Castration (in clinic only)*
Hernia Repair
Laceration Repair
Mass Removals

Reproductive Management*
Artificial Insemination with Collected or Shipped Semen (extended or frozen)
Fertility Ultrasound
Foal Alert
Foaling Assistance
Foal Health Examinations for New Foals
Mare Breeding Soundness Exams
Pregnancy Mare Care
Pregnancy Ultrasound
Stud Collection Service

Stud Collection*
Stole N Loot
Surf Furr

*Services available at the Rockville Large Animal Clinic

**Chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture treatments are performed by Dr. Julie Anderson at the Rockville Large Animal Clinic



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