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The Rockville Large Animal Clinic

The Rockville Large Animal Clinic offers services and treatment options for large animals that go beyond the services our doctors can provide on the farm.  Sick animals that require continuous treatment can be treated by the doctors or veterinary assistants as often as needed while at the clinic.  The Rockville Large Animal Clinic also provides a clean environment for surgeries and allows our doctors to treat more animals in a day by eliminating travel time between appointments.

In the spring, equine reproductive services keep the barn at the Rockville Large Animal Clinic full with breeding and foaling mares.  The barn is equipped with a double set of equine stocks with one side to hold the mare and the other side to confine the foal.  This helps keep the mare less stressed while being worked on.

We also provide equine stud collection services in the barn at our Rockville Large Animal Clinic.  To see pictures and profiles of the stud horses standing at the clinic this spring, go to our Equine Stud Collection Services page.

The barn at the Rockville Large Animal Clinic is also set up to handle a small amount of cattle at one time.  The chute provides a safe area to confine a bovine to be worked on.

Services Provided at the Rockville Large Animal Clinic
Artificial Insemination with Collected or Shipped Semen (extended or frozen)
Cosmetic De-Horning
Cryptorchid Castration
Fertility Ultrasound
Foal Alert
Foaling Assistance
Foal Health Examinations for New Foals
Hospital & Surgical Facilities
In-clinic Cattle Handling
In-clinic Radiographic Service (X-rays)
IV Fluids
Mare Breeding Soundness Exams
Pregnancy Mare Care
Pregnancy Ultrasound
Stud Collection




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